Janice Doll

Paul Hodel, Leo Krieger, Fabio Krieger, Frank Martins



Janice Doll Biography

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Student in a Canadian school Paul Hodel (singer/songwriter) meets a lot of great bands that gives him a inertial motivation to write songs and thinking about to create a band. In 2002 when He returned to Brazil with a home computer and acustic guitar he gives birth to the first demo with a strong grunge influences. When he meets Leo Krieger (bassist) and gives him a copy they decided to start the band. One year later Frank Martins (guitars) joined the band, and Leo invite Fab Krieger (drums) his brother to finally get to the Janice Doll quartety.

Their first EP "No second thoughts" was released in late 2005 and came with plenty of energy and was not enough, the song "Fall Apart" reach more then 100.000 views in the first month on youtube. With a huge tour they transform the songs in a eletrical-crazy-strong performance always leaving to the crowd a really great impression. Increase their fan base was natural and they begin to get a great respect in the underground scene. One year later they come out with their second EP "Walking in the third floor" bringing to the audience a great range of imprensions and a evident maturity.

Janicedoll music fused influences from Smashing Punpking to Nirvana and a modern original touch without any eletronics samples. Crafting
a intense vocal melody, power guitars, drums with strong punch and a creative bass gives Janicedoll a special sonority that sometimes
makes you reminde a lot of diffent things or nothing at all.

Paul Hodel, used to be a computer programmer, exploring the internet benefits and gives the Janicedoll a little bit of the world and the results arrived pretty swiftly. They meet Mike Puskus Astral Records (CEO) with they signed a management contract. Two weeks later Janicedoll have been chosen to provide music cues for the new TV Series, “Callabar Stone Age Warrior” which is slated for production in the latter half of 2007.

Janicedoll will take part in three compilations around the world with the song "London Please" in "Stay in the box volume I" Matchbox Records/UK, "RPMB" Rollapedra Records/BR, "Dead Famous" Astral Records/AUS. Their debut album "Silent Seasons" a promissor eclectic mix album of a UK based rock with that all important european influence will be release by Astral Records. They are currently working in their second album and the first world wide tour comes soon.


Teatro 2008

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UK 2009

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